Servigliano - Fermo - Marche - Italia

Cycle tourist routes

In every period of the year it is possible to go out for long cycle touring rides.
There are many possibilities and alternatives. Below you will find some suggestions for immersing yourself in nature exploring our territory.

10 routes have been identified on the roads of the Marche for groups of cycle tourists of up to 10-12 cyclists assisted by UISP guides including transport in movements from and to Angela Garden which has the equipment for maintaining and repairing bicycles. The routes are diversified by the difficulty which guests can choose and make it possible to travel through the hill country down to the coast, to climb Mount Conero and enjoy the beauty of the park, and you can also arrive at the Sibylline National Park, enabling the fittest people to ride around the Sibylline Ring for more than 100 Km in MTB.

During the rides stops are envisaged for visits to historical, artistic and archaeological sites of which our area is full, as well as picnics and visits to local producers of excellent food and wines. The routes are agreed with guests to make them customised.