Servigliano - Fermo - Marche - Italia

Wellness and Health


One of the features that give to the territory of the hinterland of Fermo – well known for its typical views of an agricultural landscape worked by farmers starting with the Picenes who first deforested and ploughed it, followed by the monks from Farfa who through cultivating together with farmers began the development of the entrepreneurial mentality – is the very interesting one represented by the micro-climatic conditions that make it a panacea for health.

It has in fact been ascertained that the combination of humidity typical of the dry climate at 300- 400 metres above sea level and being halfway between the Adriatic and the Sibylline Mountains enable the arrival on the ridges which from Colle Clementino rise to Santa Vittoria in Matenano, to Monteleone di Fermo, to Montelparo, to Belmonte Piceno, to Grottazzolina, to Falerone, to Montegiorgio, to Rapagnano, to Monte San Pietrangeli, to Torre San Patrizio, to Montegranaro, a sea breeze and a mountain breeze which alternate at around midday when the breeze from the mountains gives way to the afternoon breeze from the sea which alternates again with the former just before sunset and so on in a repeated daily cycle, above all in summer when the effect of solar heat is greater in generating the breeze.

Testifying to the presence of air with natural therapeutic properties there was in the past the prescription of paediatricians who recommended a stay on the ridges for children suffering from whooping cough, before this pathology was contrasted in advance by a vaccine.
Later the salubrity of the air was discovered by northern European visitors, British in particular, who experienced it as a source of relief for disturbances of the respiratory system regarding in particular heavy smokers and sufferers from asthma or pulmonary emphysema.
To these natural healthy factors is added the offer of genuine food and drink produced locally, including the availability of wine made in numerous wineries in the area, extra-virgin olive oil, vegetables produced according to the ancient horticultural tradition, new use of cereals with low gluten content for the production of pasta and bread, all ingredients in line with the Mediterranean Diet, which in the last century was validated in Montegiorgio in the context of a 7-nation study.
In the meantime the Picene Laboratory of the Mediterranean Diet works in the Fermo area. This is an association for promoting a correct lifestyle that contributes to spreading the attractiveness of our land as an ideal place to live permanently, something that has already happened and that continues thanks to the availability of old farm buildings to be used in a context of absolute social tranquillity according to the style that privileges family ties and solidarity between members of the community.
A further element of attractiveness of the Fermo area is the unique distinctiveness of the villages combining archaic, Roman and mediaeval architectural elements, as a testimony to the socio-economic history of the territory.
It is also surprising to discover the myriad of historical theatres present in the Fermo area as well as the archaeological finds of ancient times and places of worship, these too testifying to the sedimentation of peoples and cultures that we rediscover and make the most of sharing them with visitors.
Positioned on one of the ridges is Angela Garden, a charming home, which, together with other operators of the production of great food and wine, excellent cooking and hospitality, welcomes guests interested in combining a holiday with immersion in a unique atmospheric and social climate.